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The guy made a trap for gadflies. Now his horses are calm

Summer months are the best time to have a great time in the sun and fresh air, but one of the biggest drawbacks of this season are a variety of insects. As soon as the temperature begins to rise, an incredible number of flies and mosquitoes of various kinds collapse on people. Trying to get rid of them can be a problem if you are not prepared.
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What can be done from the old hard drive

Many immediately throw away the old hard drive when it breaks. However, there are many useful parts in the hard disk. For example, expensive and strong neodymium magnets, stainless screws, washers and so on. All this can be useful at home. Therefore, do not throw away the disc, but save it in case you need the details.
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Health and beauty

Magic points on the hand of man

Use these points to improve your well-being. Point of activation force. If you put together the tips of all the fingers, it will be in the hole in the center of the palm. If you feel lethargy, fatigue, apathy, drowsiness, massage this point. Point heat. Located on the pad of the upper phalanx of the middle finger.
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Dry steppers (Dry Steppers) - this is the "cloak" for your expensive shoes

This summer “spoils” us with torrential rains, and storm sewers traditionally fail at the most crucial moment. Already returned home with wet feet? At the time of purchase rubber boots. For those who are not yet completely broken and not ready to switch to rubber shoes (although a rich assortment of rubber shoes is worthy of a separate article) or for those who suddenly found rain outside the house - now there is a very elegant solution!
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