I haven’t seen stranger tips yet ... But they work great!


Toothpaste - A product with amazing properties. It dries very quickly, while attracting moisture from the environment. The composition of toothpaste often includes essential oils, extracts of mint and eucalyptus, whitening agents.

This makes the usual toothpaste really useful in different situations - you can use it as you like and at the same time always get excellent results. Make sure from your own experience! The advice is rather strange, but it works smoothly.

How to use toothpaste in everyday life

1. The tarnished silver will shine like new if rubbed with toothpaste. The perfect polish that is always in the house!

2. Clean the headlights with toothpaste (we already wrote about this in more detail ...). Glitter will make you happy!

3. Piano keys also need cleaning, do not forget about it. Paste will update them and make sparkle!

4. Shoes with white soles and other bright details perfectly cleaned with toothpaste. An old toothbrush is also very convenient for shoe care!

5. So that the diving goggles do not fog up under water, grease them with a thin layer of toothpaste from the inside.

6. Water stains on wooden surfaces are removed in a couple of minutes - you need only a little toothpaste.

7. Ink stain removed, if you smear it on top with toothpaste, let it dry and wash the cloth after a while.

8. If when dyeing hair dye accidentally fell on the skin and dyed it, it does not matter. Toothpaste will remove stubborn paint!

9. Mosquitoes are coming! Toothpaste will relieve irritation, make bites less visible, prevent swelling. Do not forget to put it on the bites, and you forget about the unpleasant itching and redness.

10. Acne, smeared with toothpaste, disappear in the morning. The drying and anti-inflammatory effect of this tool is difficult to overestimate!

11. The iron will be perfectly clean if you rub the sole with toothpaste.

12. The screen of the mobile phone is well cleaned with paste, without damage and scratches.

13. Spots on the carpet It is easy to remove using a gruel from a toothpaste with a whitening effect.

14. Make the nails immaculate! Small particles of lacquer, remaining after its removal on the nail plate, and the dull surface of the nails look untidy. Wipe the nails with a paste using a brush.

15. Toothpaste is a good hand cleanser.

16. Disinfection of thermos, cans and other musty dishes is possible with the help of toothpaste. Freshness and cleanliness guaranteed!

17. Get rid of scratches on an old compact disc - wipe it with toothpaste.

Strange as it may sound, toothpaste is a universal aid in many domestic affairs. Start using this valuable tool not only for brushing your teeth, and life will become a little easier!

I especially remember the tips about diving goggles and iron! What did you like? Tell your friends about how functional toothpaste really is.