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8 Best Natural Hair Dyes


Deciding to dye your hair, we buy paint in the store - the choice is very large. But even a quality product that does not contain ammonia in the composition does harm to the curls. With frequent staining, they become dry and brittle, the tips begin to split. The situation is aggravated by the frequent use of thermal devices and styling tools for styling. So that the dyeing procedure takes place without harm to the hair, you can use natural ingredients - they do not penetrate the hair structure and do not destroy the natural pigment of the strands, and therefore are completely safe for them. Many natural products not only dye the strands, but also provide additional care for them. The only drawback of natural pigments is that they do not give an instant effect, and several procedures are required to get the desired shade of strands.

Basma - dark hair without dandruff

Basma is obtained from an indigofer plant. Using this black pigment allows you to dye your hair in dark shades - from light brown to blue-black. The final color of the curls will largely depend on their initial tone and condition. But to use basma in its pure form is undesirable - it can give ugly blue or green shades to the strands. Often, black pigment is mixed with henna. From the proportions in which you mix the dyes, and the final color will depend.

In Basma there are a lot of useful components for hair - you provide them with extra care. The composition contains natural substances that help eliminate dandruff. Using Basma is a safe way to make hair strong, smooth and shiny.

Henna - paint and remedy for curls

The most popular among women natural dye. Get it from the dried leaves of Lawson. Henna is used as a separate paint or diluted with basma. With the help of natural remedies, you can give your hair a bright shade - from golden to bright red. It all depends on the time of composition and the initial tone of the curls.

No wonder henna is often used for the preparation of therapeutic hair masks. Pigment envelops each hair, protecting it from negative external factors. Henna, if all the rules of the procedure for dyeing or applying treatment masks are followed, make the curls elastic, silky, strong. Dye also stimulates hair growth.

Cinnamon - healthy, beautiful hair of a light shade

Cinnamon is often used in home care for skin and hair - usually for the preparation of healthy masks. This aromatic spice has tonic and antiseptic properties. Curls after the application of cinnamon-based products become shiny, degraded, their growth is stimulated.

If you use cinnamon in its pure form, it gives a light brown or golden hues. The final color of the curls will depend on their original color. Red-haired girls will get a slightly reddish tint of hair, and brunettes will add golden colors to the strands. For intensive clarification of curls cinnamon mixed with lemon and honey.

Chamomile - Brightening and care for blond hair

Chamomile - the best natural dye for blond hair. You will not be able to drastically change the color with this medicinal plant - it only gives your hair a golden hue. Using chamomile for blond curls will give them the look of sunburned.

In addition to mild hair dye, chamomile has a whole range of useful properties - it strengthens the strands, making them more docile and shiny. A natural remedy has a positive effect on the condition of the scalp - itching and flaking are eliminated.

Herbal decoction is used to lighten hair with chamomile - a glass of dried flowers of the plant is filled with 0.5 liters of boiling water. They rinsed the strands after washing with shampoo. The effect can be seen after a couple of weeks of applying this balm.

Rhubarb - giving the hair a light brown and ashy color

Rhubarb root has long been used to dye curls in light blond and ashen colors. If we treat the broth of the plant with light strands, they will acquire a light brown tone with copper tints. And the use of rhubarb on light brown hair will allow them to lighten up to the ash color. The plant shows a good effect when dyeing gray hair.

To dye hair rhubarb, decoction is used - 2 tbsp. l crushed plants poured 200 ml of water and boiled for about 20 minutes. The resulting balm rinsed hair after washing. To enhance the effect of the use of rhubarb in infusions often added white wine.

Coffee - chocolate tones of curls

With coffee it is very easy to get beautiful chocolate-colored hair. And if you mix the drink with henna and paint light brown curls with such a tool, you can give it a rich chestnut color.

To dye curls of coffee, brew a strong drink and rinse your hair with it, soak for a while and then rinse. You can periodically repeat the procedure to maintain color.

Coffee tones, helps to increase blood circulation in the tissues, which has a positive effect on the condition of the hair. You can accelerate their growth and make them stronger. To make the coloring procedure even more useful, make a coffee scrub for the scalp - massage the cover with light movements and only then rinse the hair with the prepared coloring composition.

Lemon - quick hair lightening

If you want to quickly lighten the curls, take a lemon. Already after several procedures, the strands brighten by at least 1 tone. Take freshly squeezed lemon juice, mix it with the same amount of water, rinse the curls with the resulting solution, and then dry in natural conditions.

Lemon well cleanses the scalp, gives shine shine.

Please note that it is undesirable to dye dry hair with lemon! Sour fruit has a drying effect that will only aggravate the situation.

Linden - saturated brown and chestnut shades

Lipa gives curls a beautiful chestnut hue. If you hold the prepared coloring agent on the strands for a shorter amount of time, you will get a light blond shade. Lipa is used by blondes and brunettes.

And linden not only makes the hair beautiful, but also heals them. Strands become stronger, shine, do not electrify. Lipa in complex hair care will help get rid of dandruff.

To get beautiful hair, cook lime decoction - 8 tbsp. l dried flowers plants pour 2 tablespoons of water, boil, strain. Process the hair with the solution and hold for at least an hour.