To keep it clean: 10 budget ideas for an effective wash.


Our short list of simple tips will help you quickly get rid of grease stains, restore the former brightness of things and extend the life of the washing machine without significant costs.

It is unlikely that there is a way to make washing a pleasure, but to facilitate the process - there definitely is, and not even one. In this post we have collected the most simple tips on how to quickly remove complex stains, extend the life of your favorite things and save on expensive stain removers. The bet is made on an economical and environmentally friendly approach to washing - note ideas!

Idea number 1: like new

Snow-white linen is not only in advertising. Soak dirty things in hot water with the addition of detergent, powdered dishwasher tablets and bleach. You will be pleasantly surprised by the result of washing in this mix of detergents.

Idea # 2: natural stain remover

Put a stubborn stain on your favorite T-shirt? It does not matter - just apply a thick layer of laundry soap on the dried spot and, without washing it off, wash the T-shirt in the washing machine. Using this method, you can wipe away stains from red wine or coffee. Given its safety, even children's clothes can be washed in this way.

Idea number 3: like in chalk

A fat spot is easy to remove with crumbled chalk. Rub it into a stain on the fabric, and after a few hours the chalk will completely absorb the fat. After the thing is necessary to wash the usual means. This method is most effective for fresh stains.

Idea # 4: Lemon Freshness

For those who do not want to use fabric softeners with unnatural aromas, we recommend a simple and very effective way of flavoring linen - just add lemon juice to the laundry detergent during bed linen washing. It will give your laundry extra freshness. Good and healthy sleep is guaranteed!

Idea number 5: all colors of the rainbow

Colored things have lost their former brightness? To return their juicy tint, add a cup of salt during the rinse. With the Samsung AddWash washing machine, you can do it at any time - just press the pause button, open the additional door and add salt, rinse aid or any other means.

Idea # 6: black magic

And brewed coffee or strong tea will help keep the black color saturated. Simply add the cooled beverage to the rinse cycle. Caffeine returns a deep black shade to your clothes and gives you a boost of energy throughout the day.

Idea # 7: Whiter than White

Dirty white shirt? Treat the stain with vinegar and baking soda, and then wash the shirt in a typewriter. Now you can safely put it in a restaurant or on a picnic: you are not afraid of any spots!

Idea number 8: no lumps

Wash coats, down jackets and quilts with three tennis balls. They will not allow fluff to roll, and when rinsing clean things from the remnants of detergent. All ingenious is simple!

Idea number 9: careful wash

Wash clothes at 30 ° C. Washing in this mode is more careful and neat in relation to clothes, thereby prolonging its life. In addition, at low temperatures the fabric almost does not fade, which means you will be insured against surprises with colored things.

Idea number 10: full order

Your washing machine also needs cleaning. Several times a year, run one cycle with hot water mixed with white vinegar. It will be as good as new!